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Please find here below some usefull information and links to attractions in Israel, more will follow


  A strong spiritual, mystic and captivating atmosphere, an abundance of fascinating historical and archeological sites, a great colorful variety of ethnic groups and communities, a richness of scents and flavors, impressive structures, numerous vivid stories and a wonderful cool weather await one in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Jerusalem, the city that is sacred to the three major religions, has always been a pilgrimage site and it continues to attract tourists from all around the world who come to enjoy its holiness, its charm and its great beauty. Alongside the spiritual and historical experience and the Old City tours, visitors can also enjoy Jerusalem’s rich cultural life which includes world renowned important museums, new entertainment complexes which have been renewed recently and include an abundance of cafés, restaurants and trendy bars with a special atmosphere, as well as the numerous fairs and festivals which take place in the city of Jerusalem. 



Eilat, the most southern city in Israel, is famous for its beautiful and peaceful Red Sea beaches, its charming desert views, its diving sites which offer colorful coral reefs, its abundance of restaurants, entertainment areas and hotels, and, of course, it's warm and dry weather which attracts tourists from Israel and from all around the world all through the year. The hot vacation city of Eilat is situated on the shores of the Red Sea and offers a cool leisurely dip in its water and varied sea sports activities, as well as marine attractions such as the underwater observatory and swimming with dolphins. During the warm evenings, visitors flood Eilat’s famous promenade, which stretches along the hotels area, and enjoy Eilat’s bustling night life which include an impressive culinary abundance and various and numerous bars and clubs. 


 The Dead Sea is an especially salty lake which is situated at the edge of the Judean Desert, between Israel and Jordan. The Dead Sea’s western shore is under Israeli control and its eastern shore belongs to Jordan. The special atmosphere and peacefulness of the Dead Sea, the wild untouched views, the distance and quiet and above all the healing properties of the water and air of this lowest place on earth have made the Dead Sea a leading tourist attraction which attracts tourists from Israel and from all around the world all through the year. This special area offers its visitors unique health centers, beautiful nature reserves, fascinating historical and archeological sites such as the Qumran Caves and Masada, as well as challenging treks and such that are suitable for the whole family, among the breathtaking canyons and cliffs, flowing springs, cool water pools and gushing waterfalls. 


 The city of Tel Aviv, which spreads along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea in the center of Israel, is the largest in the country, its business center and its uncontested culture and entertainment capital. Tel Aviv offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere, active night life, wonderful beaches, an abundance of museums and galleries, culinary richness and bustling cultural life which have given it the title "The City That Never Sleeps” and made it into one of the hotspots and most recommended targets on the world’s tourism map. A visit to Tel Aviv combines sportive or relaxed time at the beach, leisure time at neighborhood cafés or prestigious chef restaurants, museums’ tour and at the same time walking tours in historical sites such as the "White City” which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, a tour of the picturesque alleys of the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, which was the first neighborhood outside the walls of Jaffa, bicycle ride on one of the numerous bicycle trails of the city and a romantic walk along the city’s beach promenade which connects to Old Jaffa. 

Galilee the green mountainous landscape, springs, streams, rich nature reserves and the magnificent ancient history of the area make northern Israel’s Galilee region one of Israel’s favorite and best travelled areas. Here are found Jewish sites such as Safed, which is one of the four most sacred cities in Israel, and the tombs of Jewish Saints to which many come to receive a blessing and healing. The Christian tourists come here to visit those sites that are greatly important in Christian tradition such as Nazareth and the Jordan River. The Galilee offers an abundance of various levels trails, a great variety of tourist attractions, a diverse population, agricultural tourism which opens a window to an interesting agricultural world, many zimmers in a rural atmosphere, and, of course, the scented Galilee air and the unique Galilee atmosphere. 



Haifa is a modern port city which offers sunny bathing beaches, holy sites and varied tour trails. Haifa, situated on the slopes of Mont Carmel and the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, overlooks the wonderful views of the Haifa Bay and dips into a rich Mediterranean grove. As the world center of theBaha’i religion, Haifa continuously hosts many Baha’i believers from all around the world. The magnificent hanging gardens of the Baha’i Center have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and they serve as an attraction for tourists from all around the world. The Carmel is a mountain range which features wild cliffs, charming forests and green fresh vegetation that has earned it its title: the mountain that is green all through the year. The Carmel area was already settled in prehistoric times and in the caves that are found on its slopes one can even find remains of prehistoric settlement. The area is mentioned in many cases in the Bible as being magnificent. The whole are is full of opportunities for tours, attractions, hotels and Zimmer



Nazareth is a sacred city for Christians, as according to Christian belief it was here that the Archangel Gabriel announced to Mary of her conception through the Holy Spirit and it was here that Jesus lived through childhood and adolescence. Nazareth is located in the Lower Galilee, in the heart of a valley, and it includes Christian holy sites, rich history and fascinating archeology and everything is surrounded with the special enchanting atmosphere of the Middle East at its best. A visit to Nazareth, the largest Arab city in Israel, is a wonderful experience. Here you can visit Christian holy sites, the first of which is the famous Church of the Annunciation, walk in the Old City’s picturesque alleys, buy spices and sweets in the Old City’s market, experience the oriental cuisine in the restaurants, some of which are located inside historic buildings aimed for preservation and feel the Galilee charm at its best. 


The area of the Sea of Galilee and Tiberias is one of the leading touristic destinations in Israel. On the shores of this lake are found tens of declared bathing beaches which offer abundant water activities and around it are many zimmers and touristic attractions. This place attracts many Christian tourists who believe that Jesus walked on the water of the Sea of Galilee. Many churches and sacred sites are found here. The city of Tiberias, which is situated on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, offers an abundance of religious and historical sites, such as the tombs of Jewish Saints and impressive archeological sites. Tiberias also offers sites such as the health baths of Hamei Tveria which served as such already in ancient times and the Tiberias promenade which serves as the city’s main touristic area, along which are found cafés and restaurants, stands and various marine attractions 


The Golan Heights is a flat high region which rises to the height of 900 meters and is located in the north of Israel between the Yarmouk River to the south and Mount Hermon to the north and to the east of the Sea of Galilee and the Hula Valley. The Golan Heights’ wild nature, unique geological phenomena, grazing areas, natural pools, wonderful waterfalls, cool streams and historical and archeological sites make it an attractive touristic destination and its trails a wonderful experience. During the winter many Israelis come to the snow covered Mount Hermon in order to ski or just taste an atmosphere of abroad. But the Golan is an excellent tourist attraction all year round.



The Negev region offers vast ancient landscapes, colored sands and springs which flow in an open area, rich fauna and even colorful blossoms during the spring. The Negev, which is situated in the south of Israel, is an arid desert area which offers enchanting magnificent landscapes and colors. The Negev region includes beautiful mountains and canyons and it is also famous for its magnificent craters, which are a fascinating and rare phenomenon worldwide. To these were added in recent years tens of hosting places, attractions, a special local culinary scene and challenging trails.








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